If you work with printers or own one, you have probably seen your printer asking you to change the ink cartridges when all it actually needs is a thorough cleaning. Most people usually see this message and dismiss it. The most interesting part is you will keep on using the same ink cartridges for some days before it actually runs off, this time for real.

Some printers may literally shut down if you fail to replace the cartridge. They will only be back in operation if you change the cartridge. It doesn’t matter if there is still some ink left, you must replace the cartridge for it to work again.

Ink Cartridges why don’t they drain completely.


Printing pros believe that there are valid reasons why printers do not drain the ink cartridges completely. The main reason why they don’t drain ink completely is that if they did they could damage the printers significantly. Think about a laptop, usually when the battery runs low it will alert you. If you continue using it, it will automatically shut down. This doesn’t mean that the battery is completely dead, in most cases it still has some charge that can run for some time. The same case applies to ink cartridges.

Printers are made in such a way that they always want to leave a small amount of ink so that they don’t run dry. The warning message that we receive is usually a factor of safety.

How Much Ink Is Left Inside

used ink cartridges

If you have a printer that uses 700mL cartridges and it tells you to change your cartridge, you will be amazed to find that there is more than 100mL of ink still inside. Sometimes there might be even 180mL of ink left in a 700mL cartridge. A good number of printers self-clean, but if your printer keeps on demanding a new cartridge, it will be wise to replace the cartridge with a new one, allow it to self-clean and then reinstalled the old cartridge after you are certain that your printer is completely clean. You can now be able to use the ink that was left in the old cartridge.

There are printing experts that think the amount of leftover ink in cartridges is usually just a few millilitres. Their argument is based on the fact that printers have become more efficient and reliable over the years. Not long ago, there were printers that could hold only 40mL of ink. Nowadays, with a more advanced printer, one can use about seven to eight millilitres of ink to print the same amount of pages that a 40mL printer used to print in the past.

Many folks are wasting a lot of ink by disposing them off. If your printer asks you to replace the cartridge, do so but do not throw the old one away. You can use it later.

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Broadly speaking, outsourcing No1 Management helps companies to gain good quality services at very low prices. With alternate facilities management outsourcing solutions it is now possible to integrate one or more of the expert staff into the services team, without having to actually train staff individually. It gives the recruiting company’s the option to access an expert source of facilities management services without having to pay exorbitant costs or headaches. It is the job of the facility manager to create a proper balance in the elements of facilities management. While outsourcing may seem like the ideal option for many services, sometimes it may not be in the best interests of the company. Outsourcing should be done keeping pros and the cons in mind.


Advantages of facilities management outsourcing

The savings in cost: The most attractive advantage of the outsourcing process is to cut down on expenses. The saving sin cost is typically obtained via the implementations of the improved processes and the best practices that the No1facilitiesmanagement service provider has developed beforehand based on the focus on the sector. In additions, the salaries are not exorbitant. Moreover, the service providers take on all the costs of the training, worker compensation and employee benefits.

Facilities Management


High quality services:

Since the outsourcing agencies are the best in their chosen services field, they will take care to make sure that the business receive the highest quality of performance available. They will ensure that the professionals who they provide are trained to use the latest technology in any field, be it the security department, the mailroom, or the housecleaning department.

Deeper focus on core activities:

Core functions of the company are the basic services that the customers of the company pay for. They directly benefit from the service. If the company redirects its focus from the non-core services to the core services, then basic revenue will increase. For example, if a company is involved in software development business, it may not want to dilute the services by engaging in no core activities. However, the company wants to keep its offices clean and secure. It can easily outsource the facilities management duties to an outside company to take care of its cleaning and security.

Accrue marketable benefits:

Integrating the business with non-core services, can greatly improve the value of the core business. The company can create a competitive advantage for its self. For example if the estate management company outsources it customer care services facilities management responsibilities to a call center , then the estate management company can greatly gain a competitive advantage over its competitors from the experience and the knowledge possessed by the call center .

Create a shared marketability:

A partnership between the facilities management contractor and the core company can create a vibrant synergy. Sometimes the core business of the two companies may correlate and this can lead to greater customer base and expansion of business. It can lead to innovation of products and reduced risks that are associated with credibility and performance. There is no limit to what both the companies can achieve if they are conjoined.

It is imperative to look at a balanced strategy to decide if outsourcing Facilities Management is the right strategy for the business or not .Weighing out the advantages and the disadvantages can help make that decision.

Th government gets its revenues from the income tax of the civil servants. Taxes plays a key role as far as the budget of any government is concern. For any government to run smoothly, it must have enough finances.

In as much as income tax is very important to the government, a big question has been raising. That is should the government reduce income tax? yes the government should reduce the income tax of its civil servants because of the following reasons.

Government uk

To do away with strikes

Strike among the civil servants is very common in any society. The most famous reason behind strikes worldwide is little or meagre salaries among the workers. Strikes leads to frustrations in the government businesses.

For instance when doctors strike because of little salaries,it may affect the services delivery in the hospital which is actually a treat to the human health. So to do away with such strikes, it is very important for the government to reduce the income tax for the salaries of the civil servants to reasonable and sustainable.


To eradicate corruption

Corruption is a common enemy that slows the economic growth of any country. Most civil servants do engage in corruption because of the little salaries they earn.

It is therefore very important for the government to reduce the income tax for the salaries of the civil servants to raise by some percentage. Workers who earn good salaries rarely engage in corruption because the salaries they get are enough to cater for all their basic needs.


Satisfaction among the civil servants

There is nothing good than dealing with the satisfied workers. Satisfied workers always exhibit excellent industrial performances in their specific areas of specialisation.

For the workers to get satisfying salaries, the government should take a step and reduce the income tax at some reasonable percentage.

Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.


For some reason corporate companies pay less tax see the video below.


Your computer at home can be your extension and help you manage a lot of tasks and give you more free time for yourself. You can set up alarms, reminders and notes to plan your tasks on hand. The more you explore uses of computer, the better your life will be for it can efficiently help you with your various activities including weight loss program that you want to try.

Businessman working on white background

Before you start off with your exercise and weight loss regimen, make sure you set up a log and control sheet. Excel spreadsheet would be the best option where you can create different tables to capture the date, time, type of meal, ingredients, quantity along with calorie value of the meals. This log can be updated once a day.

Log need not be updated on real time basis. All you need to do is to make a note of your meals, what all you have eaten and other details. At night you can update all the meal details at once.

Your calorie log helps you see what is the quality of food you are eating and where it is causing damage to your body weight buy contributing to fat accumulation. If you are binging on snacks and fried stuff, it throws up the fact on your face and helps you made a determined effort to walk away from junk food and replace it with healthy fruits instead.

Besides junk food, you have also got to look at the soft drinks and aerated drinks that you have been gulping down coupled with the sweets and pastries and not to miss the ice creams. All of this is adding huge calories to your daily food and increasing sugar levels and fat. Now you know what all needs to be eliminated from your daily and replaced with healthy fruits and vegetables.

The other action point would be to avoid red meat and replace it with chicken and fish, which is light to digest and good for the body.

Doctors recommend that your daily diet should include at least five portions of veggies, greens and fruits. They contain adequate fibre content, which helps in digestion and elimination of toxins from the body, thereby prevent cancer too. Besides they are rich in vitamins required for the body.

Now you know how your computer has been your friend and helped you streamline your diet. Next part of your regimen can be to plan your work out sessions and intensify your exercises and workouts. You can set up similar charts to help you monitor your workouts.

Accountants are some of the most important professionals in any organization. They ensure smooth running of the organization by preparing and examining financial records. They check for the accuracy of all records and ensure that the organization pays its taxes whenever they are due. Given these crucial roles, it is important to choose an accountant carefully. Here are a few tips for selecting an accountant.

Accountant Selection

· Check for experience. An experienced professional always adds value to an organization. That is why it is importance to check the experience level of accountants before hiring them. An accountant who has previously been exposed to the industry is more likely to perform better than one who is just setting foot into the accountancy profession.

· Check for academic credentials. You should go for a properly credentialed candidate if you envision success for your organization. There are several institutions that teach accountancy, but it is good to go for the best. Additionally, select an accountant who has demonstrated high levels of academic prowess so that you can easily transform this prowess into professionalism.

· Certifications. If you are interviewing a group of candidates for an accounting positions, certifications may be the aspects that set them apart. Don’t just choose an accountant, choose a chartered one. Chartered Accountants or Certified Public Accountants normally have the expertise of helping your business grow from one level to the next.

· Go for the accountant who is a member of the local accountancy professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Membership to a professional body or a government agency is always an indication of adherence to the codes and standards of the profession. Professional associations discipline their members and ensure that the standards of the profession are kept as high as possible.

· Knowledge of accounting software. The field of accounting has undergone several modifications since the beginning of times. Transactions that seemed complex are now completed in a click of a button, and it will be a very serious mistake to choose an accountant who is not exposed to various versions of accounting software. We are in the era of cloud computing and further advancements are anticipated, and the best accounting candidate is one who appreciates this.

· Consider the needs of your organization. Staffing decisions always need to be taken depending on the needs of the organization. Some organizations will need basic accounting functions for instance while others will require a complex and multi-faced approach to accounting. That is why it is important to determine whether an accountant is the best match for your organization. Ask yourself these questions: How will the accounting duties be divided? Has the candidate worked in a similar environment before? What is the candidate’s perception on the nature of organization’s accounting functions?

· How will the candidate help your organization to save money? One of the most important managerial functions of an organization is reducing costs. Choosing an accounting candidate who has proactive ideas on reducing the overall costs in the organization is thus a step in the right direction.

In summary, an organization that wants to reach the next level in its development plans goes for the best accountants. These are the professionals who will set the wheels of financial efficiency in your organization into motion. That is why they need to be selected with care.